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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The winds were back and Finna's mind felt addled, empty. It was too dark to see the moonstone clearly. Through the snow-laden trees she saw a light approaching and when a woman emerged she sucked in her breath. Her dress was made of cobwebs, her silvery hair filled with spiders. In her hand she held a lantern. "I am Vasilia," she said, "Goddess of the wind. I have come to lead you to shelter."


  1. Only just discovered this (I was clicking around to see who else likes the book Bones of the Master!)and I like it! Have you completed the story?
    All The Best

  2. Hi Hussam,
    thanks for your interest! Yes, I have completed the book--it is in the final editing stage...I have not found another book like Bones of the Master, have you?