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Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm afraid I was a bit unclear about what Agent Press is exactly. From what I gleaned from April Eberhardt, it is the idea of literary agents publishing certain works in limited and very specific genres. In April's case, she plans to look for women's book club fiction. All the details of submission etc...would be listed in her website under her name. Since this is such a new concept I was unable to find out much from my google search but I would imagine it will grow and be more available as time goes on. This is yet another avenue for aspiring authors to consider.

I am hoping to have a series of interviews with authors coming up in the next week or so. These will be authors who have self-published as well as those who have gone with a traditional publishing house. I hope to gather a clear picture in the upcoming months for those out there who are searching for answers to their questions.

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