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Monday, February 14, 2011

in the sun...

I'm sitting in the sun in southern Ca. but missing the rain of Portland! How can that be?

My friend down here says for me to contact this fabulous marketer for my book--should I? Apparently this woman is unbelievable, has written a book on writing as well as doing numerous workshops for writers, knows all  about how to promote--a mover and shaker. Just those two words send shivers up my spine...can I trust the universe to send me along the right path at this point? So far I feel that my book wrote itself...can it also publish itself? I doubt it. So maybe it will be today that I call this woman, try and make an appointment for a private consult. Why doesn't this feel right to me? Maybe I haven't quite reached the moment of truth. I suppose more days in the desert are needed--days of NOT thinking about my book. But my obsession is hard to shake and the voices in my head, insidious...

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  1. I love how open you are about your feelings even when you're a little bit scared.You are truly refreshing.
    Remember, be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.