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Saturday, April 30, 2011

kansas and ticks

I meant to continue on my saga of the memoir but have become distracted as we drive across the U.S.  We left Portland on thursday and here we are in Kansas already!  The weather has forced us to drive at breakneck speed to out-run snow storms, 19* temps and wind. Now in Kansas I was relieved to see the temps hovering in the upper 50's...took my dog for a walk on the other side of the KOA, between two fields of still-green wheat...he and I loving the outing...so far I've found 6 ticks on me, 5 on him and a few crawling around on the floor--not sure how well I will sleep tonight even after having my husband do a thorough search of my hair and back!

Tomorrow will bring me back to the memoir  since I plan to spend some time in Ft. Riley, Kansas, where my father was before the war--it was a cavalry base and in 1939 both my parents rode in the summer horse show there...a social event of the season!  In nearby Junction City is the Bartell hotel, an historic hotel that took up an entire city block--can't wait to see it.

I sign off tonight, itching and nervous.

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