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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

let the uploading begin!

Whew! I finally have a moment to write! For the past week I've been painstakingly going through the  The Moonstone. I received the proof in the mail last wednesday and when I saw the form I was supposed to use for my 80 free edits I almost lost it. I knew already that I had far more than 80 changes I wanted to make and re-uploading the manuscript seemed easier than working with their charts and graphs. It cost me a bit extra but honestly I think it was worth it.

 I've now changed the cover size as well as going for the cream paper instead of white and made slight changes to text on both back and front covers.

I realized on this second go round that the book should include what is known as "front matter"and "back matter". Luckily Createspace has a link set up with Joel Friedlander's articles that explain all of this in great detail. And so I had to create my copyright page, title page, acknowledgment page and dedication. (Did I leave something out?) And when I spoke to "my project team", they wanted all of it included in the manuscript re-upload which meant that I had to 'page break' and add it before the first page of the book. Of course the numbering is completely off now, but I assume the book will be numbered according to its new size so I'm not too worried about that. The only thing I wanted for "back matter" was my bio and a picture. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

 I spent several hours today trying to cut and crop from pictures I had in my computer. Of course I look horrible in all of them but I finally decided on one or two that were tolerable and set to work. (Next time I'm having a professional take my picture-at least they can airbrush it)

Hours later I had written a short bio, added the cropped and sized picture, hooked it on to the end of the book and uploaded the entire manuscript. That's when I found another picture that I actually liked...and so I wrote a message asking how to re-submit this "back matter". Haven't heard back yet...


  1. This sounds like a bigger deal than sending a child off to college. I've done that, but you're really being put through the wringer over this. But I'm sure all of your hard work will pay off in the end.

  2. Exhausting stuff. At least if your hair has turned white you can dye it. Good luck.

  3. We opted to contract the formatting and such for the Writer's Companion, but the front and back matter were a pain. I agree. But just think, you're almost there. :) Oh, and for the picture, go to picnik.com and upload your picture there. You don't have to sign up, it's free, and they don't save the image. You can airbrush yourself. :)

  4. hey! airbrush myself? sounds good! thanks for the tip, Renee. I did hear from them and sent the picture I liked but next time I'm going for the picnik...

  5. Sounds as if the frustration level has lessened this week. I keep thinking that all this activity we've chosen to take on, writing-wise, will keep us safe from senility, except that occasionally I think I'm verging into insanity instead. But it is good to have the adrenalin spurting and the results moving in the right direction, one step at a time, isn't it?

  6. I know what you mean--I've been using the thesaurus a bit too much lately--brain can't think of the simplest words! But, yes, it does keep life interesting!