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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rules part 2 and meanderings of the mind...

Not to belabor a point but...I checked on the treehouse today and sure enough it's gone, along with the fire pit and the rocks that surrounded it. Now those industrious kids who spent good money to make themselves a little hideout in the woods will be going somewhere else to drink beer and hang out. What I fail to understand is what harm they were doing. The winter weather here is too wet to burn the surrounding trees and they're gone in summer when it might be a possibility. For once they were off their electronic devices; and the peace and beauty there seeps into your soul whether paying attention or not. Officiousness and the big brother attitude make my blood boil and my walk today was marred by anger.

Will all wild places eventually be turned into parks, watched over by ticket givers waiting for someone to make a mistake?

Sorry for the rant--next post I promise will be along some other lines...

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