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Monday, January 23, 2012

and on to marketing...

I should be getting the (second) physical proof any day now--what am I doing to promote it? To myself I say, nothing, but that is not true. So here's the list so far:
1. I have a beautiful website where people can read about the book(s) and connect with Amazon to purchase--getting people to go there is an unanswered question, however...
2. I have a twitter acct. and I respond to others tweets as well as tweeting on various topics, NOT having to do with the book although I do link my blog to them-- a personal Facebook acct. as well as a page for "The Moonstone", two blogs and I belong to Goodreads where I will have an author page, and several other less known websites such as Women's Literary Cafe--http://womensliterarycafe.com/blog--where you can advertise your book and get reviews and/or read others work. Haven't perused all my options there yet.
3. I am in the process of getting a few reviews to post on Amazon once the book is up.
4. I am now talking to someone about doing two short video clips to put on Facebook, my blog etc...one would be a voiceover excerpt from the book with wolves running in the background and music. The second would be me talking about how I came to write the book and what it's about...not sure yet of all the possibilities for placing these...
5. My husband has ordered "52 ways to sell more books", recommended by a friend of his who has self-published, which should be arriving any day.
6. No launch party planned and I'm thinking of waiting until Book 2 is released in mid-June...
7. Once the book is up on Amazon I plan to contact everyone I know by e-mail, Facebook or phone--"be shameless!" a friend told me, and that's what I plan to be!
8. I have not contacted local book stores as yet but I plan to as soon as I have the book in hand.
9. I'm trying to stay focused on how I want to proceed--I know I have to push myself but I also need to listen to my inner voice.

 I am open to any and all suggestions and would love to hear about your experiences in this area!


  1. You don't sound like you need many suggestions. You sound like you know what you're doing. I think you're doing great.

  2. Thanks for the womensliterarycafe mention, I'll have to check that out. I love the voiceover with wolves idea. Will look forward to seeing that, and would be happy to link it wherever I am online, for what it's worth. I don't have experience myself yet, so I'm just hoping to learn from you. :)

    1. Thank you, Rachel--links are much appreciated! I'll keep you posted.

  3. We're in different genres, and you probably think this marketing thing is so scattered and vague. I assure you that you are going through the exact process that I'm going through. My problem (and yours) is what, of the seventy-five things I should be doing, should I do next? My PR friend says to follow your gut; do what you have a passion for. I think we're both doing the same thing: creating our presence in the book world. Hopefully that translates to sales.

    1. I like the 'follow your gut' part--otherwise it's too easy to get lost...have you figured out the 'tag' thing about listing on Amazon? I've read that the more you narrow your genre the better you are--for instance mine would be Celtic, myth, pagan, spiritual, fantasy and so on...