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Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's done!

The proof arrived on Saturday and it looks very professional. The size of 51/2 by 81/2 is perfect--cream paper is much better than white, in my opinion. My picture is horrible--for the next one I'm having a professional photographer who can do some touch-up! I haven't read it cover to cover, so any mistakes will remain.

This morning I went to my Createspace account and set up the info. to go on Amazon--description of the book from my back cover (didn't feel like taking the time to re-write that), my bio, tags for the search engines but only five--I thought I would get more. I've heard something about tags that I need to pursue--apparently people can go to your book and put in tags? If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know! Also I need to indicate books that are similar--I have one or two authors in mind but don't know how to include that.

So--it will be up in a week or so. I have to call Createspace tomorrow to figure out how to get the Kindle version started. Apparently it will take two weeks for that. I plan to have a giveaway on my blog but haven't come to conclusions about logistics. I should get twenty copies free and then I can buy them for a certain amount not yet disclosed by Createspace. (or if it was I missed it)  So... if anyone feels like reading it and doing a review,  please let me know and I can send a copy...reviews seem to be a big thing. Or you can wait for the Kindle version which will be a very reasonable price!

Latest marketing plans include taking my books to local bookstores and leaving a copy for them to read, leaving postcards at same, looking up bookclubs to target, sending book out to a reviewer in Scotland so that I can market it there as well...I'll have a button on my website to link to Amazon...I'm trying to remain calm...

I've been editing the second book in the series but on re-visiting Dean Wesley Smith's advice, I've realized I've been in super-critical mode. Instead of ripping and shredding, Aphrodite advises me to align with my  internal beauty and bring that aspect out in the story. And despite her not being a Celtic goddess I plan to honor her wishes--after all, it's not very wise to go against the goddess of love! more on this later...


  1. I guess this is like parenting children. The task never ends. I hope you can take a well-deserved breather.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Stephen-now I have time to read your blog!

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    1. Thanks, Dane--Jerry came over today to discuss a Y-tube video--have you done that?