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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

self promotion and other odious tasks...

I  don't like to whine but I only had between 300 and 400 downloads of my Kindle giveaway! Normally I would think this was fantastic but in a discussion on Goodreads someone mentioned that they had over a thousand downloads...I ask what they did for advertisement of the event but so far haven't received an answer.

Okay, this takes me to a subject I've been contemplating for several weeks...as my father always told me, comparisons are odious, and I think this simple statement relates to book promotion as much as anything else. I MUST stop comparing myself to others and find my own way, just as my heroine must find hers. I keep telling myself, take a hint form the themes in your book, but do I listen? NO!

What are the themes? you ask. Well, for one they are feminine. What does that mean? It means that the protagonist is guided through intuition, dreams, and quick moments of insight. Maeve's life is a series of happenstance and serendipity. Her decisions are not rational in the sense that we normally experience them. She follows her heart, listens to her dreams--along the way she tries to figure out what the dreams mean by going to a psychic Tarot card reader, but even that doesn't get her very far.

Maeve feels and sees things that are outside our normal sphere of reality. She is a seeker and because of this she can't do things the way others do them. I'm a seeker, I tell myself. So why all this confusion and self-recrimination? Because I doubt, and doubt silences our own intuition, and shuts up the little voices that guide us. To some people talking about little voices brings up ideas of schizophrenia. Do you really hear voices? they ask. Because if so I highly recommend drugs. Well, our entire country has been drugged to the point where we've become a herd of sheep going along with an insane political system without a word. But that's an entire other blog.

I wonder about the planetary shifts, the transit of Venus. Are these huge astrological events causing old shit to bubble up in my consciousness? It certainly feels like it. Emily Trinkaus http://revivingvenus.com/, says that the patriarchy is over:

The false separation between body and spirit that is the foundational lie of the patriarchy is exposed, and a new perception — the light-infused body, spirit-infused Earth — awakens in the mind of the collective.
The hyper-yang, more-bigger-faster, invade-and-dominate paradigm has played itself out. On an energetic level, the patriarchy is over. To make the transition into a new paradigm of wholeness, our work is to reconfigure, rebalance and reintegrate masculine and feminine energies

So, maybe the crazy crap that is going on in this summer's campaigns is just the last gasp of something that is on the way out... one can only hope. Or maybe this shift is on such a different plane that it isn't visible to us on a conscious level. In any event, the amount of money being spent for re-election could feed the hungry around the world for years! But again--the subject for another blog.
And so I continue to struggle to find another way, trying to ignore what other Indie authors are saying about their success. As Richard Bunning, www.goodreads.com/author/show/4201020.Richard_Bunning, a fellow Indie author says, "Focus on the enjoyment the few get from your work, rather than worry about all those who don't benefit from it."
For more on Maeve and her path look for "Saille, the Willow", Book II of Wolfmoon series and coming soon to a bookstore near you! (yes, shameless)


  1. 300-400 downloads sounds really good to me. (and I'm enjoying it, btw :) ) The comparison thing really gets me, and I guess the only help is to remind myself as often as necessary that I am happier when I don't do it. All the thoughts I'm thinking might be true, it might be unfair, I might deserve success more, I might really do much better things with the resources of all those other moms in playgroup who are, every frickin one of them, remodeling their houses, while I don't have kitchen sinks that drain. But if I want to be happy, I just have to let go of those thoughts. And yes, weird stuff coming up, what I read about venus was so happy-sweet and optimistic, then yesterday my kid was challenging me at every opportunity, and I yelled at both of them, and at the same time I'm wondering why they can't control their behavior . . . just have to hang on, stay conscious, do our best, and believe in ourselves, in spite of any and all evidence pushing us elsewhere.

    1. Thanks for you comment, Rachel. I'm so glad you're enjoying the book...Yes, we need to stay focused on what is right in front of us...And just because your sinks don't drain doesn't mean a thing in the grand scheme, does it? Emily told me that astrologically things are pretty crazy right now--I had a long dream about my mother last night--she died years and years ago, when I was thirteen and I NEVER dream about her! I was trying to figure out the past and how things worked back then...hmm...

  2. Nikki,
    What's your hurry? There are six million other books on Amazon competing with your book for attention. Don't get swept up in self-promotion, but don't ignore it. Keep writing your next novel, do facebook and twitter and other creative outlets. What about queries to the biggest possible customer, the agents? It's a marathon, not a dash.