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Thursday, July 19, 2012

and...now what?

Book II is uploaded to Createspace with all the front and back matter as well as the first chapter of final book. Cover has been approved. Monday was spent in service to this. Tuesday found me lazing around unable to do anything of use. People talk about depression at the end of a project--not wanting to let it go--and even though this book has more rounds of line editing and final approval to go through it is essentially done. And once Book III is completed...well, I don't really want to think about that...

Tired follows me these days, like a shadow that wants to claim me. I try to resist--is it my thyroid? my adrenals? the heat? or do I have iron poor blood? I search through my old bottles of vitamins and herbs hoping to find the magic cure. Two different kinds of ginseng, bottles nearly empty, Ashwaganda, an Indian herb for relaxed energy, bladderwrack, a seaweed good for thyroid, L-tyrosine an amino acid that supports the thyroid. I look on line, scribbling down black cohosh, avena sativa, myrrh (myrrh?).

"Of course you're tired", a little voice says. "You just finished this huge portion of your project. Give yourself a break." But the final book beckons. I've set myself the goal of having it published by the 2012 winter solstice. Edit edit edit!

I finally got myself to a yoga class today. Just the right balance of asana and meditation. On monday I plan to attend a class called Yoga Nidra which translates to Yogic sleep...Yoga Nidra is about learning to be alert while completely relaxed. The teacher said that it has an unwinding effect for the many psychosomatic aches, and chronic pains that we all carry around with us. Since the class is conducted with participants lying on the floor I ask what happens if I fall asleep. She smiles and says it doesn't matter. Are you kidding? what about no pain no gain?

Maybe this is what writing, marketing and selling should be like--maybe the harder we work at it, the less we get out of it...maybe all we need is the muse and an uncritical mind. Maybe we just need to take some time off and recharge...


  1. What a fabulous yoga class! On the floor the whole hour! And I can relate to the sense of tiredness at the end of a project. I used to think it was because I am old, but then I remembered being exhausted as a young mother at every holiday's end, lying on the sofa, trying to pull myself together. I think our bodies are sending a message to us to stop, breathe, and read an Evanovitch novel for a few days. My body doesn't send me to herbs, tho, only to cheese burgers, French fries, and a heffeweisen. Congratulations on getting the second one to Createspace.

    1. thanks, Jo! I've been thinking about you the last few days--how's the new novel coming? still haven't read Graffiti Grandma but now with some time I can get to it!