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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Lure and the reeling in...

Still lolling about not doing any serious writing--that is, working on one of my novels in progress. Yesterday I worked for several hours linking this blog to my website, and vice-versa as well as putting more content onto my website blog--I now have three blogs.

My website, which cost me a lot to set up, seems to be taking a back seat to this blog and my other one about life here in Arizona. The blog page doesn't have an automatic button to post it to Facebook and Twitter but I don't think that's the problem since it doesn't take long to copy and paste. I personally do not like the black with white print nor do I like how it starts with a couple of sentences and then you have to click to continue reading...and...Blogger is easier for me to navigate than Wordpress although I think Wordpress has more sophisticated capabilities--if only I knew them!

As you probably have guessed, I'm rather lazy when it comes to technical things. I like to find out the basics and get on with it, not spend hours figuring it out beforehand--and my writing style is the same--a definite pantser!

So, my question is how do I tempt people to read my website blog? It differs from this one in that I'm writing vignettes related to Wolfmoon--snippets from character's perspectives that are not in the actual books...the latest is from a wolf's perspective...

I would LOVE feedback on the look of the blog as well as suggestions for content. Any enticement you bloggers know of that might help? www.wolfmoontrilogy.com/category/blog


  1. well, first, I didn't know you had a blog there! Sounds intriguing. As you know, I lump it all into one blog, don't know if that's a good strategy, I just don't have a site yet that's dedicated to my book. But I should. Do you get clicks from the thumbnails of the books over on the left of the screen here? Could you make one of those linking to the other blog?
    Do you get stats from the host? wordpress tells me what search engine terms led people to my blog, or if they came from a link, and what it was. That can give me information on what kinds of things I'm doing that are successful. An early post on "wasp totem" started getting hits, I wrote a second one, now about half the searches that have led to my blog were for some variation of wasp totem, and if I google it, my blog is the second link on the page. who would've thought? Will it help me sell books? ha ha ha, no telling.

  2. thanks for your comment--yes, the figures on the left both lead to my website--Saille goes directly to the website blog and the other to the start-up page...I have a link to my Jalapenos and Javelina blog on my link list...

    I don't know about the stats on Wordpress--must look into that. I have no idea if anyone ever goes there!