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Friday, September 7, 2012

Saille, part two

Maeve woke from the dream, her heart pounding. Her skin wet with sweat, she hurried to the bathroom to take a shower. Under the steady warm stream she felt again the emotions of seeing Harold with another woman. And not just any woman, one who seemed larger than life, gorgeous, with an aura of power emanating from her every pore. Who was she? Because Maeve had had enough dreams like this to know that these images were very real.

She scanned backward through her recent dreams. Had this woman figured in any of them? She seemed almost like a goddess with her sumptuous gown, her black hair held back from her strong face with a band of gold. And Harold. She felt almost sick for a moment as she revisited the sight of her boyfriend engaged in a deep and searching kiss with this woman.

And why in the world had she been in a state of undress at such a critical moment? This alone had placed her at such a disadvantage. Harold had looked on her as though he'd never seen her before, a gaze of confusion and bewilderment on his features.

Maeve scrubbed her scalp vigorously, trying to let go of her feelings of embarrassment and betrayal, the tears that threatened to overwhelm her. Again. If this was to be her future she wanted no part of it. And what had the woman called Harold? 'My king', she had said. And come to think of it, Harold had been wearing a crown.

Maeve climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her hair. It was then that she heard her name being called. Nerves spiked through her mid-section. The voice calling was Harold's and it sounded like he was inside her apartment.

For part I of this story, follow this link, http://wolfmoontrilogy.com/category/blog/or click on Maeve and she will take you through the dreamtime...

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