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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Veering off

I'm changing my tactics when it comes to marketing. Blog tour is out unless I do a very simple one with a few bloggers who are on the same page as I am. Why, you ask? Because when I realized the time and effort involved, I decided I would lose my sanity. And what about my writing? I know marketing is important but I can't let it  take over my life. I'm still doing the online thing but I also have a long list of places in Arizona where I will attempt to consign my books.

My husband is helping me in this regard, and has compiled a list, not of bookstores, but of 'spiritual' stores and Celtic shops that might be a fit.

Since Mercury has been in retrograde, I've put this endeavor off, but as of monday, November 26th, Mercury begins heading forward again--the perfect time for new beginnings. I will start here in Tucson with one Celtic shop and two others: Metaphysics' World and Spirits' Child. After that we'll head to the small hippyish town of Bisbee and and then over to Sedona, where there are at least six possibilities. Now I know I'm making this sound like a breeze--believe me with my introverted personality, it won't be. But one on one I seem to do okay--it's the room full of people that has me quaking in my boots--the mere idea of giving a talk or a reading makes me light-headed!

Since the second book in my series has been released, I considered doing KDP select again--having one book free, one for .99 --but I didn't want to be stuck again for three months, trapped in a contract with Amazon. My sales did not show improvement from the last two...And so my time has been spent going through The Moonstone, AGAIN, in preparation for re-formatting. (It is now the new and improved version--2nd edition?) Smashwords, KOBO and NOOK are on my list. If anyone is thinking about this, check out Rik Hall http://www.facebook.com/RikHall, who is inexpensive and comes highly recommended.

I'm also signed up for a two hour session here in Tucson with real live people exchanging ideas who  have had experience with marketing. I've considered the book festival coming up next year but I think the price is prohibitive..doesn't seem worth it for the possible sale of a few books, although the exposure would be nice.

And so I continue my search, hoping to discover a few things that work and letting go of the ones that don't. I know marketing represents at least 60% of the pie but I need to finish book three, not to mention the sequel, Valley of the Moon. The more books one has out there the better, or so I've heard...

Here is a link to Johann Penn, a marketer who has done a lot of research on this subject: .http://www.thecreativepenn.com/ 

Thanks for reading! and any and all comments are most appreciated.


  1. You may be introverted, Nikki, but you have courage and gumption. Thanks for the links, too

    1. thank you for your kind words, Mike...and thanks for reading!

  2. I feel overwhelmed by all the marketing I do with so little return. I sold five, count them, five books this month, and I have four on sale on Amazon! All I want to do is write. I love the covers of your books. New follower.