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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Onward and Upward

So...no takers on my book contest/giveaway--can't say I'm not disappointed...this marketing thing has taken its toll on my faith. Is it that people don't read paper or is it that no one is interested in reading my books? The Amazon Kindle version is at rock bottom prices for the month of December. Book II

I read FB posts from indie authors who are doing great...selling like hotcakes...I've begun to avoid reading these posts because I don't want to feel less than, or bad about myself. I won't engage in the 'you tag mine' game...it just seems silly. And the 'like' thing is basically the same...does it really matter in the long run? Do people pick your book because of how many 'likes' you have on your page? I truly doubt it.

With millions of books out there it is very hard to find a niche or any kind of following. I've read the articles, I've done what the articles told me to do--I've spent hours on FB answering questions people ask about subjects I have some modicum of knowledge about...I've read blogs and commented. I've tweeted, I've blogged and blogged again, and posted my blogs on FB, I've set up a bunch of blogs on subjects in my book, ie: mother-daughter relationships, gypsies, gods and deities...planning to do one on the healing power of herbs...I've bought books from indie authors and commented on them...what else? In the meantime, book 3 is languishing, waiting for editing.

I'm complaining and I don't want to do that. I want to move on in a different direction that actually works! I haven't hoofed it around yet, although I mentioned in a past blog that I was planning to do that. Mercury's retrograde and Christmas kind of took over...

So, as of January 1st,  I will have a new plan--can't reveal it here since it is yet unformed. But I think it has to do with calling on the goddess to help me, visualization and letting go of expectations...good luck, you say?


  1. Nikki,

    Read this: www.danezeller.com/wordpress (or click on my name above).

    You are not alone.


  2. Well, I would have, but I thought I'd probably get it electronic, and save the paper for someone else who might not otherwise read it . . .

    1. thanks, RAchel--I appreciate the support! it's .99 on amazon right now...

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