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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Rant

I have a rant that refuses to go away! It's about books that get published that have no redeeming quality and are poorly written and badly edited. There is a specific book that has recently come into my hands that fits all these criteria and is now a best-seller. Am I jealous? Maybe, but mostly I'm just irritated after the YEARS of hard work I've put in as an author including numerous re-writes,  professional editing and on and on and on...how do these people do this?  How does someone steal another story, re-write it and have the world KNOW this and somehow get an agent to pick it up and then have it become a best-seller?

And the goddess thing just has to be voiced here--are goddesses sex-fiends? I mean, really. This made me more angry than anything else about the story-line. I write about goddesses and although they might have love-affairs, NONE of them are sex-fiends. They are all-powerful beings who help or don't according to their whims, but NEVER do they lead someone into a sexual liaison that smacks of bondage. NEVER.

Have you figured out the book yet? That's right, Fifty Shades of Grey. And guess what? More are on the way. AND, a MOVIE! Yay!

Are women in this country into being subjugated by their men? Because, according to sales, it certainly seems so. Time to don the veil, ladies. If you like your heroines to say 'jeez' every other word then this is the book for you. Or how about 'holy crap'?  another epithet that appears on nearly every page.

If you like this sort of thing try reading the Beauty series by Anne Rice. This book is titillating as well as being well-written.

If anyone loved this book and would like to take me to task, go for it. I would love to hear what you liked about it...


  1. Oh, Nikki, do we have lots to talk about! I think there is more than fifty shades of grey.

  2. I haven't read it. Didn't know there was a goddess in it??? I suppose, if you're going to be pagan, there are goddesses who are lustful and embody dark sexuality, as well as goddesses who embody nurturance and unconditional love, and those who do not manifest sexuality at all. But I'm probably giving the book too much credit. Haven't really heard anything good about it. I'd be about as likely to read it as any other of the hand-me-downs I get from MIL, and I think it's pretty unlikely she would read that one . . .
    One thing I've noticed since beginning to write is how many successful, big-publisher novels do all the things novels aren't supposed to do. Like all those pages and pages of set-up in the beginning of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Or the meandering and incomprehensible plot of Mason and Dixon. But I didn't mind so much, I took it as permission to write my own stories in my own way, rather than the way I imagine an editor would tell me to.
    I'm sure you have the life experience to know that we can't let other people's low-quality work get us down, we just have to keep doing our own work the best we can. Sometimes we need to rant, though. :)

    1. just had to rant, Rachel--as you said. The protagonist is always referring to her inner goddess as steering her towards these encounters...that kind of annoyed me!(to put it mildly) Thanks for your comment!

  3. Rant fully warrented but then that's life, all fifty shades of it

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