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Sunday, August 24, 2014

help with writer's block

I am stumped at the moment with my third book of the Gypsy series. I've decided that I cannot under any circumstances use the same plot themes of last two books--and so, what to do? that's why I've decided to put the question to those of you who have read Gypsy's Quest and Gypsy's Return. I now know the end but how to get there is a wilderness filled with thorny bushes too dense to move through.

Who would you like to see more of or learn about in this last book?
1. Kafir
2. Rifak
3. dragons
4. Vanatru
5. Loki/Freyja
6. Brandubh
7. Ella
8. Satyrs
9. Gypsy
10. Gunnar
11. you fill in the blank

Is solving the dilemma of having a child and the man she loves far in the future enough to sustain your interest in Gertrude's plight? Is the craziness going on in the future getting tedious? Time-travel is a tricky business and I've thought of several plot possibilities but have discarded them due to paradox or various other confusing issues...I've consulted Einstein's theories but I'm not a scientist! (nor a science fiction writer) I may just plow ahead, paradox or not, with one idea that interests me...if it doesn't work out I'll discard it to. Better to keep writing, I tell myself. Surely the characters will come to my aid like they've done in all the other books.

Thanks for any and all ideas!

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