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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Travel to the future on Gypsy and find out what things are like in 2457!

My Gypsy series takes place in present day Milltown, Mass., a sleepy New England town, and Far Isle, a Norse land that exists in 2457. Try to envision 2457--is it ultra modern or has it reverted to something resembling the middle ages due to the failure of technology?  I am not a sci-fi writer but my themes examining the world of today have helped decide which way to go.

Skip to book 3 and picture this: no more oil or gas so no motorized vehicles etc...there are no electronic devices since there is nothing to run them on. Chaos reigns due to a demonic energy that has arrived in the form of a child. And on top of this, time fluctuations keep changing one reality into another. (You'll have to read it to find out how all of this happened). The Norse gods and goddesses who reign over this land have been thwarted by Odin's law which has prevented them from harming humans. But the law has now been lifted.

Insert into this a love story, dragons, a druid, an evil sorceress who has lost her powers, and a boat that can travel through time. Sound intriguing? Add a Irish wolfhound named Merlin, a cat called Lucifer, and Kaa, the boa constrictor--and no this is NOT a children's story--add some steamy scenes and you have a powerful potion that will keep you reading late into the night!

Book 3 will be released before Christmas but in the meantime grab a copy of Gypsy's Quest and Gypsy's Return.

Addendum: I am selling the original cover paperback versions of The Moonstone and Saille, the Willow for half price, ($6.00 +media mail shipping) and for anyone who orders I will throw in a free electronic copy of the last book of the series, The Wolf Moon. Take advantage while supplies last! e-mail me at nikkibroadwell@yahoo.com. Billing will be through paypal.

Thanks for reading...

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