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Monday, November 17, 2014

Bits and pieces

Newest Gypsy ms is in the capable hands of formatter, Rik Hall, and I've sent my final blurb off for the back cover to my cover designer, Viola Estrella! Hope to send it off to Createspace later this week! I'm hoping to get this one in the marketplace before Christmas.
Here's the blurb:

It is June of 2011 and Gertrude has been working tirelessly to finish The Tower as part of the bargain she made with Loki. The god has made no attempt to fulfill his end of the agreement, and Gertrude is out of patience as she waits to be reunited with her son.

When Ella uses Gypsy to travel back to Gertrude’s timeline and make trouble, Gertrude is able to steal the ship to return to 2457 Fell. What she finds is a world in chaos with reoccurring shifts in time that thwart every attempt she makes to find her son and Kafir.

As Gertrude struggles through a world gone mad what she doesn’t realize is that Ella is now pregnant, carrying a child who will bring about the end of Far Isle and every living thing in it. Gertrude’s powers are tested in new ways and her son’s abilities astonish all who encounter him. Will their combined power, aided by Gunnar, MacCuill, and the gods and goddesses be enough to combat this new evil? Or is it too late to save the world from ultimate darkness?

Does it lure you? I hope so!

Since I couldn't function for more than a day without a project I've started two new books. The first one is a sort of sequel to the Gypsy series starring Fehin, Gertrude's son as the main protagonist. He's fifteen now and faced with his evil half brother, Wolf, who is out to take over the Otherworld, the Celtic mystical realm that exists in the past. The second book, Desert Sunrise, stars the daughter of Istaga of coyote fame, and his mate, Sara, a human woman. If you haven't read 'Just Another Desert Sunset' do it now! :)

I've done a lot of marketing this year but it's hard to know how it's affecting sales. After guest blogging on Rochelle Melander's site and having a giveaway I noticed that a lot of people had availed themselves of the freebie--also I had a few sales as well. I've tried boosting on FB but have not noticed a 'boost' in sales as a result. I'm now working on 'bundling' my series and offering the three at a discounted price. The kindle is relatively easy to do with a new 3D cover but I still haven't figured out a way to do the paperbacks--so far I've come up with combining them into one big book but the page count cannot go over 823. 

If you haven't read the blog on publishing I posted with Rochelle, click on Rochelle's name in previous paragraph. And thank you for reading!!!

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