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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yin and Yang

This post is why it is so important to reconnect with the feminine principle. If you don't want to read about it, then stop now!

The earth is on its way to an untimely death due to the lack of yin, or feminine energy. Feminine energy is nurturing, in tune with nature, and connected to the earth in ways that date back to the dawn of time. Back then men and women had an agreement about what their duties were and both sexes respected the earth and its bounty. With overpopulation (another result of being out of tune with our home), people are unable to see beyond their tiny existence. It's as if the next moment is all they care about. The poor are struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their heads while the rich use up all resources in order to line their pockets! Neither one of these groups has the time or inclination to look around at what is really going on.

But resources are running out and as we scrabble to get at the last drop of oil (and precious metals, etc...etc...)we undermine the nest that holds us. Companies like Monsanto are ruining the dirt in which we grow our food. The EPA no longer protects us from harmful chemicals used in agriculture that end up in the air and our water supply as well as our food. It becomes harder and harder for people to sort out what they're eating since the GMO lobbyists keep us from labeling our vegetables and fruits. Pigs and cows get sick from the use of the GMO corn and other crops but no one talks about it.

This country, where the Native Americans lived in deep connection to the earth, is now being run by an energy that I can only describe as young and male. Get it quick while you can with no regard for tomorrow. It's what most corporations are about--feeding the bottom line and making sure their investors are happy. And as cities grow and nature gets pushed back more and more we lose important parts of ourselves. I watch the roads being expanded to accommodate more traffic, apartment buildings going up with alarming speed. I live in a desert where water is scarce and nature lives on the edge but our Senator, McCain, says that we will turn no one away. What happens when we run out of water?

Do we even know what we're giving up?

I read posts and blogs about the divine feminine but I see little discussion on what this means for the earth. The idea of progress has lost some appeal in a place where we should all be reading Schumacher's book, "Small is Beautiful". The idea of constant progress is patently absurd at this point in time! But that's what seems to indicate success to most people, especially those in the building trades or invested in the stock market.

We need to take a look at where we're headed because progress is not progress when we leave behind a place devoid of life for our grandchildren to inherit. We still have the power to change things if we can just wake up!

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  1. I don't see it as the yin and yang. It's the Devil's work and the Devil doesn't sexually discriminate