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Friday, January 16, 2015

good/bad and what might come of it...

Yesterday was an interesting day of contrasts. I had been in touch with a woman who runs a writing group who had told me that the next meeting was on January 15th at 10 in the morning at the library. I showed up there after a lot of angst (basically hate groups, especially when I don't know anyone) and stood in the main room trying to figure out where to go. As I stood there I began to have an ocular migraine, a condition that is brought on by stress. My eyes go wonky and I can't focus. Okay, great, I thought to myself. I'll have to tell the group what's happening when I introduce myself. I walked over to the desk to ask where the meeting was being held and the woman there consulted the 'library newsletter' and then told me that the meeting was not today, it was on the 22nd! As soon as I found this out my ocular migraine began to recede.

In the meantime I introduced myself, secured a library card and made a plan to add my 7 books to the library. After that I drove over to a clothing shop a friend mentioned to me and made an appointment with the owner to bring my books by and speak to her about having them included in the store. From what I've been told she does book signings there as well. See? Good and bad.

An hour later my husband and I were speeding toward Bisbee with a sack of my books on the back seat. For a year now my books have been at a place there called "The Source within' but I haven't been able to reach them by e-mail. The owners are incredibly nice but not ones to go in for electronic communication. When I arrived there the owner was speaking with  customers and I waited...and waited...and waited some more...finally amidst his talking with others, I managed to glean that my books had not been selling. So, feeling disappointed I gathered them up and added them to the bag of books I'd hoped to leave there!

And so since it was after lunchtime by then, my husband and I headed up the street to a little market cafe that has very good food. I was still feeling funky but also relieved that I wouldn't have to drive to Bisbee all the time, (120 miles from Tucson) when I got into a conversation with a man and woman having coffee and dessert. I told them why I was in Bisbee and then we got into a discussion about my books. I gave them my card and then the woman making lattes behind the counter chimed in..."I couldn't help but overhear. Do you know about Vision Quest in Scottsdale?" No, I said. "Well, I used to work there and it would be a great place for your books." I handed her my card and thanked her and the others and went to eat my curried chicken salad.

I guess the moral is you never know what's going to happen next. And as far as the writer's group goes, I realized that since it's a motivational group and I don't need any motivation that it really isn't for me. Is the goddess (or my unicorn) at work here or is it my imagination? You tell me.

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