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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Working writer

What does 'working writer' really mean? Many feel that if you aren't working 24/7 you can't call yourself 'writer'. But to me it means always having my work in the back of  my mind and knowing without a doubt that I will get back to it, even if I'm taking a few days off. When I first started this process back in early 2000's I wasn't so sure about this and wondered if my enthusiasm for what I was doing would wane and suddenly be gone. Scary, huh? It was to me.

So, back to 'working writer'. Nowadays this term can mean a dozen different things, from marketer, to editor, to author, to presenter--the list goes on. If, like me, you are gearing most of what you do to the e-book market your job takes place mostly at your desk. This is the way I like it. You can enlist help from many, weed through and see what works and repeat the things that have brought you success. There is information galore out there, from podcasts to webinars to a zillion different free marketing sites, to--you name it. And there are also paid sites that people swear by. I only wish I were more organized and could remember from one day to the next what I've done? When there's no paper trail it all gets a bit more complicated. My paypal account is the only thing I can refer back to to see what recurring $4 payments I'm making where! How do you manage it all? I'm sure most are way more organized than I am.*sigh*.

Now if the paperback market is your main goal you are probably an extrovert. (does this sound like the 'you are most likely a redneck' comedy skit?) Since I am an introvert I tend to shy away from book fairs and signings. I am fine one on one with a customer, but try and get me to call out and pull a customer in? Not happening. Consequently I don't do well in these settings and am jealous of those who do. A friend recently suggested I go to Toastmasters--are you kidding? No, no, a thousand times no! But why not? You'd learn how to get up in front of people and tout your books--it's a win win! This encouragement nearly always comes from extroverts--and if you are an introvert you understand, like I do, that extroverts don't get us. period. exclamation point.

Don't get me wrong here. I am envious of extroverts and wish I had more of their gregariousness, it would certainly help when it comes to selling. But, I have to go with who I am and what I have going for me, which is amazing concentration and doggedness in my work. When I was younger I used to bemoan all my 'faults', with the idea that I could overcome them. Not anymore. I would rather expand on what I do best and hire help in the areas where I don't shine.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? How do you handle these issues in your writing life?

Thanks for reading!

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