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Friday, October 21, 2016

Book recommendations (no, not my own!)

I've read several good books lately that I wanted to share. First is a novel by Charlie Homberg called Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet. When I began this book I was reminded of The mistress of Spices, one of my all time favorite books by Chitra Banergee Divakaruni. (if you haven't read her books try them out!) Both of them have to do with magical baking skills and much more! And Charlie, a woman by the way, has written others that I plan to try!

The one I'm reading now is The Wretched of Muirwood, by Jeff Wheeler. It is part of a series and I will read on because of how much I'm enjoying this one. It's a tale about a young girl cast out from her family, and because of this she is known as a 'wretched'. It takes place in a fictional world in a fictional abbey with fictional practices that have a lot to do with magic. (surprise surprise) I must admit I am attracted to such stories. (And write them too)

Another series I recommend is the Caledonia Fae series by India Drummond--Good and bad Faeries, a love story and parallel worlds! I've read three in the series of five books. Another one that I HIGHLY recommend is Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor, the first of three of the most unusual and wonderful stories I've read in an age! Unique, quirky and completely engrossing. Unfortunately they are published by Hatchett and the kindle prices are ridiculous--better to get used copies of the paperbacks. Every time I see $10 for kindles it makes me fume.

So happy reading everyone. And I hope you pick up one or two of these books and enjoy them as much as I did! I have zillions of books to recommend but this is enough for today.

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