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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Blatant bragging

If not from me, then who?? This year has been better in terms of sales but I still struggle along with
millions of others trying to assure that people find my books on the gaping maw that is Amazon, and then decide to read them!

Here is a list of the FIFTEEN books I have written and published! I have to say I'm proud of myself..number sixteen is in the works, Finlay's Folly, the fourth of the Summer McCloud paranormal series. Book cover reveal to the right-->
Wolfmoon series:

Moonstone-Book 1
Willow-Book 2
Raven-Book 3
                                             Faery-Book 4

Gypsy series: A Time Traveling Romance

Gypsy’s Quest-Book 1
Gypsy’s Return-Book 2
Gypsy’s Secret-Book 3

Coyote series:

Just Another Desert Sunset
Coyote Sunrise

Summer McCloud paranormal murder series:

Murder in Plain Sight
Saffron and Seaweed
Black and White and Red all over

The Bridge
Time Gap

A Witch in Time Saves Nine

Have a wonderful holiday everyone! And don't forget to give books for your gifts this year!!! Happy 2017!!!!

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