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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Some day things are going to be easier...someday things will be brighter...


That is my mantra these days of attempting to frickin' give away my book and not having any takers!!! Where are my readers? Not on FB apparently--but--I have a plan and that plan's name is Kathaleen Coyle.

Kathaleen lives in Tucson close to where I live, and her enthusiasm is infectious, her ways of marketing different enough to be intriguing--like--maybe they will work?  She suggested re-doing my website which was a hokey one on Go-Daddy site. I chose it because I could navigate it somewhat, but it tended to lock up and the text and pictures moved around and didn't lock into place..In any case I now have a site on WIX that is much more professional and also easy to navigate. Lots of options with that one. Kathaleen is working on it as we speak! (My vision tends to be more for artists, hers is to lure in readers)

We have discussed numerous things in the few weeks I've known her, on the phone and in person. Her prices are very reasonable. I have put all my fiddle faddle aside (amazon ads and other marketing schemes that haven't been working) while she's investigating my books and coming up with a real plan instead of my knee jerk reactions and flailing attempts to get my books selling. First and foremost I have to know where my readers hang out, second of all I need an e-mail list. When these two things are in place perhaps my readers will be able to find me? What will I do if I really begin to sell? No more crying into my beer and feeling sorry for myself. But all levity aside, I am so very glad to have found Kathaleen Coyle and hope any of you having marketing woes will contact her. She isn't just about book marketing.

And so while she's hard at work at a real and cohesive PLAN, I am working on my second witch book, The Moon in Her Eyes, as well as the new Summer McCloud, Akumal Alibi. I still tend to check on my KDP site too often, appalled by how few books I've sold, but mostly I'm trying very hard to be patient. Rome was not built in a day.

I will keep you posted as we progress and hope I have good news to share. Click on her name for more info!

And thanks for reading! 🙏

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