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Friday, January 21, 2011

interview with Paty Jager-western romance author

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Are you a full-time writer? what type of books do you write?
~~My husband of 32 years and I are empty nesters after raising our kids. We now spend as much time as we can with our grandchildren when we aren't working our 350 acres. Right now you could say I'm a full time writer. It hasn't always been that way between raising kids, ranching, and the part time jobs I've had. But I just resigned from a freelance editing job so I can spend more time on my writing and still have the time to hang out with the grandkids and do the ranching. Now the only deadlines over my head are my books. I have historical westerns, contemporary westerns, and historical paranormal books published and I have a contemporary action/adventure I'm querying.

2. What prompted you to go with an alternative way to publishing?
~~I went with a brand new (at the time) small e-book and print publisher for two reasons. 1) They were new and looking for authors and my CP told me I should send to them and 2) I'd been receiving "I like it/love it, but it doesn't fit our needs" rejections from agents and editors, and one agent said readers would love my books but I was a hard sell because I wasn't "different" enough. She suggested I try the e-book/small publisher route and so when my CP said try and get your foot in the door here, I jumped on the opportunity.

3. How has this been for you? Easy? confusing? Frustrating?
~~I think this was a good route for me. I've learned a lot about the publishing industry because Wild Rose Press is so hands on with their authors. And because we have to do all our own publicity it has taught me a lot about that and getting my name in front of people. I've learned much more and become very hands on with my own fate. I like that. Not that I wouldn't jump at the chance to join a larger publishing house, but I like that I can put out my books at my own pace.

4. Are you satisfied with the outcome of your decision?
~~For a beginning, yes. But I would like to some day have a larger publisher.

5. What advice would you give others struggling to get their books published?
~~1. Learn the craft and make sure you know your genre.
    2. Just because your mother, sister, and Aunt Sally think your writing is great, make sure someone in the industry does too before you ship it off to agents and editors.
    3. Research the agents and editors to make sure you are sending to someone who will be interested and not reject because it doesn't fit their list. That's just adding more misery.
    4. Always be professional.
    5. Perseverance and craft will prevail.
    6. Stay focused on the goal-a published book for others to enjoy. 

Thank you so much, Paty! You can view Paty's books at: www.patyjager.net

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  1. Hi, Paty! Great to read your interview--it's always fun to learn more about authors! And I'm glad you're able to pursue writing full time now (as full-time as running a ranch and being a grandmother allows :))

    f dot chen at comcast dot net