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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Do we as writers have an obligation to heal the wrongs of the world? or are we just entertainers? I guess it depends on the muse of the day or what grabs us and says "write this!" I recently saw the movie, "I Am" and although many of the concepts were ones I've been aware of, it was very good to be reminded that we are connected with all life on this planet. Our consciousness CAN change the world--the idea of the butterfly wing and all that is actually true. It isn't about what you can do but more about who you can be. Our heart is where the seat of our intelligence comes from--we are hard-wired to be compassionate. And the scientific world is finally catching up to what monks have known for a thousand or more years.

At this time on the planet when earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, poverty and illness are on the rise, our consciousness is all we have. Tackling these things from any other place just doesn't work--at least not for the average person. Yes, we can send doctors in, yes, we can send food to the hungry, but if we continue to wage war against the earth (extracting oil in deep oceans, setting off nuclear bombs for testing, mining without a thought to the environment, deforestation, poisoning our water and air and on and on and on...) and we continue to wage war against other countries, killing innocent women and children who have nothing to do with the powers that be, the only real antidote is consciousness. I think part of the reason my generation was able to stop the war in Vietnam was because it was televised. We couldn't stomach what we were seeing every day. These recent wars are being waged practically in secret. And many people are too burned out with their own problems to have enough energy to care. Bush refused to allow the media to show the body bags coming back from Iraq. Now our esteemed media concentrates on the petty arguing between republicans and democrats, using soundbites to get people angry--gone is any investigative reporting. Thank goodness for the Internet!

I went to a shamanic healing ceremony for the earth this afternoon and came away feeling empowered. All it takes is a short daily practice of sending love to this beautiful earth that we all share. With enough people doing this, things will change, the earth will begin to heal. The man who made the movie "Ace Ventura" is concentrating his energies on other things now--using his resources and money to put out a positive message...If you haven't seen " I Am" yet, give it a try and tell me what you think.

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  1. OMG, you hit all the right points. We are truly sisters-in-thought.

    "We are hard-wired to be compassionate."

    It would seem we are too busy being greedy to remember that until disaster hits home.

    Investigating reporting? Ha! As you said, gone. They deliver sound bites to the public and take notes from Tweeter. But then they get busy around big elections like 2012 because they know thousands of dollars will flow into the media. What a sad state of affairs this "Great Nation" is in.

    Watch the political news about the so-called 10-year budget and you'll understand the urgency to speak up NOW. The Republican agenda is up the corporations, low-income individuals, including seniors will have to pull themselves up by their bootstraps -- if they can afford boots. People need to wake up and look beyond tomorrow.