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Monday, April 25, 2011


Everyone is talking gardening--it has been so cold and rainy, nothing but mud in the garden but after one and a half days of sun my husband and I, as well as everyone else in the area, have flooded the nursery buying pansies, primroses and mulch. We actually have lettuces surviving the onslaught of hail and below record temps at night--our trees have finally decided it is time to leaf out. Tomorrow the forecast is for rain-again-- but I have hopes for sun breaks.

What does this have to do with writing you ask?--well, here we are waiting for the weather to change, waiting for warmth, waiting for the sun. How long shall we wait before we put pen to paper or fingers to keys? There is no time like the present. It may be messy but we can still weed and add mulch to mud, plan out where to plant our vegetables, trim the trailing branches of a story that went too far. Things do not need to be perfect to undertake our new garden...we just need to start.

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