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Monday, August 29, 2011

jumping into the abyss

Okay, now I've made the plunge--I'm officially going for self-publishing. This latest round of rejections put me over the edge. If anyone can tell me why I shouldn't do this, speak up now or forever...well, you know.

I plan to use social media for promotion--still learning about all of it but I'm going to a phone class with 'WriteNowCoach', Rochelle Melander on Sept. 28th, who will be talking about facebook, twitter, blogging and websites. Oh yes, a website is my next endeavor. Anyone know anyone who knows anything about how to set up an interactive site where I can advertise my books? and maybe also sell from the website?  I'm learning about hash tags, social oomph, auto follow and so on...and so on...

A small part of me still regrets this decision. Mainly I'm so terrible disappointed in the publishing industry right now. So many good books, mine included, are being shut out. After the forty-fifth rejection it's really hard to stay positive! Do I continue sending submission after submission with hope in my heart like a naive idiot or do I take the situation in hand?  But this book is holding me back from other projects. It needs to get launched, stand on its own two feet, move out and live on its own, man-up and any other apt cliche I can come up with.

Anyone with any suggestions, advice, or observations about their own experiences please weigh in. I appreciate any and all comments.


  1. Other than wishing you all the best I can offer no constructive help - especially on the technical side - except maybe suggest you sell at a dollar a book. Someone became very rich doing that.

  2. thanks Mike--yes, I know about that young woman..good suggestion

  3. On the rejections, I feel your pain. I've been querying 5 manuscripts and have collected more than 200 rejections combined. I stopped counting at that point because it was too depressing.

    Now, some of these weren't outright rejections. I had a couple of "almost" situations, but the contract wasn't very good in one of those and the story not quite right for another. I've had days where I'm wondering why I hang on so tightly to the dream of publishing traditionally. For my fiction, I still cling to that goal.

    However, I'm self publishing a book that I co-authored with Carlos J. Cortes. It's a really hard process when quality matters, isn't it? We're hoping to have it available this month, but it'll be a scramble.

    My advice? Times, they are a changing. The publishing industry is going through a huge upheaval. If this is what you feel in your heart is the right path for you, do it. But make sure you've got your plan ironed out. (which I know you've been working on) Good luck on the website. I'm technologically retarded, so I'm no help there.