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Monday, September 5, 2011

and more ugly...

So...Wordpress is driving me crazy and my daughter says: you have IWeb on your computer, why not use that for your webpages? Okay...I'm stoked...I already have a way to do my pages right on my very own computer without the muss and fuss of Wordpress. And... Godaddy says I can just uninstall Wordpress. I spend the better part of an afternoon messing around with IWeb--easy as pie. Basically just drag and drop. I love it!  Sounds good, right? Not. When I go to publish I get an icon that says: Sign up for Mobile me but when I try, I discover a loop that I can't get out of...I call Godaddy and the tech says he's never heard of a IWeb program that doesn't have another option to choose. I go to Apple but no one is working today, I go to all the help pages but can't find the answer to my question.

What I've learned so far: 1. Mobile me is being discontinued, replaced with something called I Cloud. 2. Apple does not provide an easy way to get help, EVEN when you're frustrated and want to scream. 3. No matter how easy and wonderful IWeb is, it still needs to get from my computer to the web.

Did I mention how frustrated I am? If anyone knows anything about IWeb or has a solution to this problem please, PLEASE let me know! Tomorrow I will tackle this again but right now I'm too tired to think.


  1. I sympathize.. very frustrating I know. I have no experience with iWeb, I do have some experience with Mobile Me..... i'm using it to keep track of my iPhone now. My phone shows up on a map when I go to mobile me and type my number in.

  2. Frightening post. I've just put my fingers in my ears and currently going 'lalalalalalalala!' But then I'm a technopobe. Technophobe even.