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Thursday, September 15, 2011

giving up and other wise decisions

As I said, I've given up on doing the website myself--for one thing I don't have time since I'm in the final edit of the first book of my trilogy--and...I'm completely incompetent! anything I could manage would look like shit!

If only IWeb was what they say it is, *sigh*--

Yesterday I got the first sample cover design for The Moonstone back from Createspace. I was very pleasantly surprised. With a couple of small changes I think it will work! and they had done a mock-up of the interior and I like that too! Last night I slept better than I have for many days. Now the push to get the book uploaded...I've been editing like mad, hence the lack of sleep, adding details and funny bits. In the past week I've increased my word count by 5000. At 57,000 it just wasn't long enough and I want the spine to be wide enough to include my little Celtic knot icon to go with my publishing name--Airmid Publishing--you know, the healing goddess?

Kismet Design Group will have a detailed calendar for me when the time comes for THE BIG PUSH. What she talked about is completely alien but I will leave it to her and follow whatever she tells me to do. I have discovered that Web Design is expensive. But honestly in the long run I think it will pay off to have a shazam site.

So...for those of you who are having trouble finding an agent and are on the fence, I say take the reins. What do you have to lose? (besides some cash) And for those of you who have published the traditional way, congratulations! I won't even say that I wish that for myself anymore--Of course, who knows what the future holds? Right now I'm just enjoying having control of the process.


  1. It's really exciting following your progress. I can't wait until I can read your novel.

  2. HI, Nikki! I was about to call to ask how you are doing when I found this and I can see you are doing very well. We are about to leave for Turkey, but when we get back I have questions for you--like $, and editor. In the meantime, keep going. You are our trailblazer! JO