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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Moonstone

I uploaded the manuscript to Createspace yesterday. My nerves are frazzled. What now? I'm madly trying to find out about reviews--how to get some on the back cover. Apparently the book needs to be on Amazon before this can happen? The person on "my projects team" explained it to me twice but for some reason I have not retained the information.  Last night I slept a total of four hours. In the middle of the night I found myself going over scenes in the book, wondering if they were okay. A little late for that, isn't it? I asked myself. Thank goodness I will have eighty corrections for free once I get the mock-up--(is that what you even call it?)...I am sooo glad I have Steph Wilder whom I will be leaning on heavily in the next months.

I have made myself a facebook page to advertise or something...Can I link it to Amazon? I know nothing...NOTHING! So far I put up the cover art and a little teaser about the book...is that what people do? tried to link it to twitter but don't know if it's linked or not...After I finish this I'm going to try to put the cover art up on my blog--we'll see how well that goes...

Anyone familiar with any of this? I live in dread of doing something and then not being able to undo it--like having two sets of the same thing on facebook and can't edit or get rid of one of them ( that little scenario just happened but I think I fixed it) So onward, I say, into the freakish cyber world...help.


  1. I think you're doing great. It's a difficult process and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I think of you as a pioneer blazing a path for the rest of us. Hang in there. Years from now when your novel is in every bookstore and library you'll look back at this period in your life and smile.

  2. thanks Stephen! I feel like I'm climbing out on a limb all alone...but so far I don't hear the sound of the saw! (my ears are on high alert however)

  3. It takes courage. Good luck, and for what it's worth, your cover is great.

  4. Can you post your novel's intro or the first few pages to whet our appetites?
    I'd like to have a better idea what your story is about. It's hard to get people to read your work. My mother reads three or four novels a week but so far she's refused to read any of my work. Hang in there. This is a marathon not a sprint. (Chubby Chatterboxes don't get to use sports references very often.)