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Thursday, September 22, 2011

is anybody out there?

So, I posted the cover of The Moonstone on Facebook, even made a page specifically for THE BOOK. I posted it here too...but where is everybody? even the people in my life who I hear from on a daily basis have not responded via e-mail, facebook or anything...(Thank you, Stephen for your comments on the blog. ) I think I'm freaking!! I'm definitely out on the limb now but who is that sawing it off? Me? Where did that big saw come from?

Still trying to find reviewers. I sent e-mails off to two well known writers who I have interviewed here. They both said they were too busy which I totally understand. But honestly I thought it was brave of me to ask! (someone has to pat me on the shoulder)

Last night I dreamed about Viggo Mortenson. I won't even say what we were doing because it's x-rated. What does this mean, exactly? I think it's about my book--especially since he was Strider, my all time favorite character in the Lord of the Rings. And then there was Hidalgo...horses, another favorite even though I couldn't understand a word he said for the entire movie. (didn't matter) Maybe he represents my yang self--the one who is willing to put herself out there despite MAJOR FEAR! what else could it be? I've noticed how wacky my blogs are becoming--is this a good thing?


  1. I really have problems with Google letting me into other blog accounts. When I'm really awake, I'm gonna search this down and see what's the problem.

    About friends, family and people responding, don't worry they will come around soon. Be patient, but keep putting your blog and facebook addresses before them.

    I still don't understand facebook and they've changed it again. Man! I only get involved with issues I want to be a part of on the "news page." Sooo much unnecessary stuff, not worth your time. So, I keep to my personal facebook page most of the time.

    Who is the guy in the picture? Is he part of your Moonstone?

    The best, Minnie Estelle Miller

  2. It's very difficult to get people to respond to your work. My mother reads four novels a week and, so far, has refused to read any of my work. Is it possible for you to post a few pages of your story? I for one would love to learn more about it. This is a difficult path we're all on as writers. Pace yourself--this is a marathon not a sprint. (Cubby Chatterboxes don't get to use sports metaphors too often.)

  3. I saw your comment over at Patti Roberts Book Blog and would suggest googling book reviewers, there are many blogs that coordinate review bloggers and authors. Also goodreads and bookblogs.ning.com are great. You can also submit to places like business2blogger and the like. You can also just email book bloggers direct yourself and ask for reviews. Hope that helps :)

  4. I know you moved on from this point, but I can tell you that you may return to these emotions (I know I go back and forth from this point frequently). I've found that self-promotion and marketing has been one of the more difficult things I've had to do (especially when all I really want to be doing is writing).

    I have close to 300 "friends" on Facebook, and I feel like I've been pretty particular about the majority of them, only really accepting requests from people I feel are (or would be had we kept in touch all these years) friends in real life, but I was shocked when I simply asked them if they would share a sale for my book on their profile page and maybe only ten percent of them actually did it.

    But still we continue on. Because as writers, we don't have a choice.

    Paul D. Dail
    www.pauldail.com- A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog