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Friday, September 23, 2011

moving on

Aside from Viggo Mortenson, that last post was appalling. I have since climbed out of the tree and stowed the saw neatly where it belongs.

I spoke to my website designer and marketing expert yesterday, Kismet Design.  Steph has so many wonderful ideas for promoting The Moonstone! The big launch will more than likely be in January but before that I plan to have a presale here as well as a giveaway. Since I'll be gone for the month of October and won't be around to go over the proof, publication will have to wait until mid-November. Soon I will be directing you all to my website which will be under my name, NikkiBroadwell.com. It is going to be a shazam site, specifically geared to the Wolfmoon trilogy.

Since wolves play such a big part in the trilogy thought I would post a picture here. Isn't he gorgeous? He's very much like Maeve's wolf in the third book...but not to jump ahead too much.

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