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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Druid

The eerie sound floated lightly into the air and then faded away--he took the flute from his lips and stowed it in the woven bag he carried on his back. In the distance a fight had broken out and I realized that the notes were more than sound--they were the wind element, used this time for defensive purposes. The gray mist was alive, whirling down the trail toward the men and beasts who followed us.

MacCuill, the druid, turned to stare at me, his indigo eyes filled with mirth. He spoke a sentence in Gaelic and then translated when he noticed my bewildered expression.

"Just a slight diversion but it might give us time to get to the boat."

He turned and I followed but not before checking behind me for our pursuers. They were shrouded in the fog and I could hear screams of frustration as they struggled to free themselves.

Ahead of me MacCuill's gray robe billowed as he strode quickly up the hill. I ran to catch up wondering how a man his age had such stamina. He stopped at the top of the hill. The blue jewel of the sea stretched into the distance and below us wavelets moved gently in and out of the little harbor.  There was no boat.


  1. Eerie and haunting. Nature as a force is always a powerful image I suppose.

    Well written :) - is this an excerpt from a larger story or something similar?

  2. part of my book(the moonstone) but not actually an excerpt...

  3. I assumed this was an excerpt from Moonstone but you say it isn't? Was this edited out? Is this an idea for another book in the series. Answers, please.

  4. I have stepped into a different world. I'm learning about fantasy, but not adjusting to it well. I'm reviewing a friend's fantasy book, and, although it is well written, I'm not interested in it. My genre is detective fiction, long on dialogue and short on description. Your post, authorinprogress, has too many details to remember. That's my problem, not yours. That being said, I've written a short story that has fantasy in it, and I enjoyed writing it, and could write more. The story has no unusual setting, but the main character has subtle powers that are revealed slowly through the piece. Is there such a thing as light fantasy? I need some genre counseling here.

  5. Stephen, this piece (or scene) is in the book--I just rewrote it so it isn't exactly the same--
    Dane-fantasy can be anything you want it to be--there is a sub genre called urban fantasy--check out Charles De LInt--where everything seems normal until something odd happens--sounds like that's where yours fits..