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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Call me crazy...

I know, that last post was boring! I made it up to entice readers to The Moonstone, (taken directly off my website www.wolfmoontrilogy.com, but it was too long and too long-winded! And how would my reader even know what the___ it was about? My apologies to those who tried to read it.

You'll think I'm a glutton for punishment, especially since I'm about to make a major move to Tucson, (notice the correct spelling of my future home) but I'm starting with Createspace again for Book 11! I may be a bit premature since I'm aiming for middle of June but after the debacle of book 1, I decided to get a jump on it. (how many cliches can I use in one short blog?)

Spoke to Ashley at Createspace today and had her walk me through the preliminary steps (wouldn't you think I could do this now without help?) Anyway--got bogged down almost immediately when I didn't know my user name and password on Bowker, the isbn company. (I have no memory at all of this company from my first go-round) This kind of crap drives me nuts! I went through every permutation of possibilities from Wolfmoon to wolfmoon, to wolfmoon 1, to...well...you get the picture. Nothing worked. Ashley then contacted Bowker for me who sent me an e-mail with my username but NOT my password! Did I already mention that this__drives me nuts? As if I'm not stressed enough! Do you WANT to be stressed out a little voice asks? If not, then why exactly did you decide to start this when your office is a mass of boxes and your house looks as though a tornado just hit it?  I think I have the answer--stress galvanizes me into action...

I'm afraid I may have to go with option 2 for the book cover on this one--For "The Moonstone" I went with the 'unique book cover' option where they use a stock photo and doctor it to match what the customer wants, but listen to the description (from the book) of how I envision the cover of Saille, the Willow:
In the painting a female figure emerged from the roots of a willow tree that had been split down the middle. Her velvet gown was deep red, her arms outstretched toward the full moon in the night sky...graceful willow branches cascaded downward on either side of the slim body. Behind her, dark forest stretched into the distance. The moon cast a line of light that extended to the figure and the two wolves who stood like sentries on either side of the tree. Carved into the wooden frame at the bottom was a symbol: a vertical line with four equally spaced horizontal lines pointing to the right. After that, the words: Saille—The Willow. 

Option 2 is known as the 'signature' book cover and brings the cost up by $400. I could save some money if I don't have to do 3 rounds of editing this time but...there are so many reasons I should wait on all of this:
1. cost of the move
2. disorganization which will surely ensue
3. added stress
4. very few sales of book 1
5. did I mention money (that I don't have) outlay?

Still no word from Bowker in my e-mail box so should call this quits for today...back to packing...(ahha--avoidance--another reason for this)


  1. Stuff like that makes my brain shrink. Don't get too stressed on the move