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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wordsinsync writing challenge

As if I don't have enough to do I decided to respond to a writing prompt on the Wordsinsync website-- not even sure how I found the website since this was very early in the a.m.before coffee. The prompt was to write for two minutes within one of several genres. There are two words that need to appear within the story and the proviso that the story be posted on one's own blog with a link to the Wordsync blog...Because of the lack of coffee I ended up posting my story on their blog and NOT linking, but on further investigation I've gotten it all straightened out, (at least I hope I have). Check out the link over there  to the right--->

Doing these little exercises keeps me from looking like this:

And helps me look more like this:

The two minute story
My sister and I were only ten years old the day our parents walked away, leaving us to fend for ourselves. We thought our lives had ended that day, but in reality it was the beginning; the inception of what we had been born to be.
The voice in our head, the one we had heard since our birth, now boomed into the silence.
"Come!"  The tenor, the tone was so familiar and yet the volume was huge, filling the room.
We looked at each other. Yes, we both heard it, but where did it come from?
"What are we supposed to do?" my sister whispered nervously.
I shook my head, looking around. The sound was stupendous, beyond any human voice's depth. Something stirred inside me. "It's up there." I pointed toward the narrow stairwell that led into the attic--the forbidden zone.
"NO! Mama wouldn't like it!"
"Is Mama here?" I asked my sister, tugging her toward the stairs. "The voice is up there and that's where we have to go."
I pulled my crying sister behind me, making my way into the shadows. As we ascended I felt something close in around us. My breath came in gasps. My sister whimpered as we drew closer to the trap door at the top.
Time slowed down as I drew one foot after the other up those steep stairs.
Before we reached the top, the trapdoor was suddenly flung open and light flooded the passageway, blinding us. "I want to go back," I heard my sister moan, but I was drawn on as though pulled by an invisible hand.
"You're almost here." The voice was female now. "Hurry!"
I climbed the last two stairs, pulling myself into the brightness at the top. This was no attic room. Light filled every corner, coming from hundreds of candles in holders along the walls.
A table had been set with silver and crystal, a bountiful meal lay in steaming dishes. My sister and I stood before a gleaming figure who faded in and out. "Eat," she intoned. "We have a long way to go."


  1. A very interesting beginning to what could be a fascinating story.

    1. thanks, Stephen--I don't know myself what happens next...

  2. Oh, what fun! The last line is perfect. Yes, I agree with Stephen, maybe someday you'll tell us what happens to those girls next! Will have to check out that site.

    1. thanks for your comment, Rachel! I think it could be a short story...

  3. Wow, nice. It could definitely be short story material. It's certainly interesting enough ...

  4. thanks! at this moment I can't think where to go with it...maybe something will present itself.

  5. Brilliant that you worked it out and allowed your followers to see it. Much better than hiding in my comments section :) You smashed the two minute Storyteller Challenge too! Hope you'll stop by again soon. :) You might notice I've redesigned the blog a little to show that there and now two blogs in one place (my author blog and WordsinSync - my bookish blog). Just so you know :)