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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

more wine, please...

Two ocular migraines in one day is a definite first! If you aren't familiar with these, it comes with weird vision distortion so that you can't focus (all sorts of moving lightning in the peripheral vision) and ends up with a dull headache. The up side is, it isn't a regular migraine in which the headache is completely incapacitating! I cured mine today with two glasses of wine at lunch. I've come to the conclusion that a glass of wine is better than anti-anxiety medication and definitely more fun! I bought two pairs of shoes today after I administered the antidote to the migraine--would anti-anxiety medication have offered such complete abandon? I think not. Maybe with the help of the grape I can keep my nerves from spinning out of control...

The main thing that's driving me crazy is the very weird slowing down of time--normally I'm complaining about how fast time goes but this is seriously the longest couple of weeks I've ever experienced! And three more to go until we are packed up and leaving...the house has been pulled apart, boxes everywhere, and yet it's too early to get serious about packing. I've already packed several things too early and discovered a need for them--of course they are long gone, packed away in a box that is taped and stacked with at least twenty others in the basement. My daughter asked, "Why did you start this so early? I would have waited and packed it all the last week! I couldn't live like this," she added, looking around at the chaos with a frown. Well, she's 20 years younger than I am, AND an Aries with unlimited energy. But she has a point. I did start too early. But now I'm in danger of putting it all off until the last minute...

I tried today to move the shipping date up a week. (we'll see what comes of that) After all, if the house in Arizona closes on April 6th, why do we have to sit here until the 13th? And the longer we wait, the hotter it gets out there! (although it was barely 50* today, according to the weather, and they may get a frost tonight-- maybe global climate change is in our favor..).

Meanwhile I work on the last edit of book 2 and continue with marketing book 1--I've sent copies of The Moonstone off to two sci-fi fantasy magazines for review--(they may or may not review, they told me in an e-mail...but at least I tried.) I hope to get a review up on Powell's website and a blogger with over 200 followers is going to feature a review of my book on her website, (as well as a Kindle giveaway)--I'll keep you posted.