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Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodreads and other marketing tools

I just finished my ten book giveaway for "The Moonstone" on Goodreads and over a thousand people entered! I had some trouble setting it up since for some reason my profile was missing several key bits of information and at the very end, when I got the finished notice to approve, I thankfully noticed that the country listed for the giveaway was Denmark! (luckily it wasn't too late to EDIT)  Thanks to the group threads I was able to navigate my way through the electronic maze...I am also impressed by the efficiency of the Goodreads staff--they randomly select the winners and then send a copy of their names and addresses to me for mailing the books...AND, I have noticed that many people now have my book listed as 'to read' so I think the promotion was definitely worth it.

With the success of this one I am now ready to embark on the Kindle giveaway on Amazon. So far I've listed my dates for June 1-5. I sent an e-mail to find out what I need to do to promote this and await Amazon's sage advice...I'm assuming the recipient must have a Kindle and can then download off the website but how do people find out about this wonderful event?

Being a newbie to all the social media marketing possibilities, I am unable to take in a lot of information people share. I find that I need things spelled out step by step. But if the list is too long I will walk away.
Every time I manage to accomplish something on the computer I am thrilled and delighted and it leads me a tiny bit further into the secret world that so many people gad about in with ease. But ultimately for me this way of marketing is far superior to giving a talk at a bookstore. To even get to that point would require hefty amounts of pre-promotion and self-selling, something I am REALLY not good at.

So a big thank you to the Goodreads staff and all the people who entered the giveaway. I so appreciate your interest! And those who won--I hope you love the book! And don't forget, Book II, "Saille, the Willow", will be out at the beginning of July if not sooner...


  1. Step by step, Nikki.

    From some internet marketing guru, I forget who: "the best thing to market your book is to write the next one."

  2. Thanks, Dane...Book II is due out soon and Book III is in editing mode...