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Saturday, May 19, 2012

pagan blog prompts:how do you balance light and dark in your path?

As a general rule I don't think in terms of light and dark unless I'm in writing mode. In Wolfmoon there are a lot of references to darkness, dark energy etc... because the 'Otherworld' is filled with light and is being taken over by a malevolence that brings utter despair and bleakness. But the theme of the book is not to get rid of the darkness, it is to bring the balance back.

Without light and dark to balance each other we would live in a very boring world. Night and day are a good example. How would it be to always live in sun or in utter darkness?

The light hurt her eyes as she worked her way up the rock slope. Between the arching columns of light- colored stone, shadows pulled her gaze. If only, she thought..if only the crevasses were big enough to crawl into. There was nothing here to hide under, no shade, no respite from the burning orb of the sun above her. Had it even moved? So far the day had been endless, burning her skin, her eyes. And she needed water. Desperately. 

She climbed higher, her feet barely finding purchase on the craggy rocks. Dimly she thought of water, sparkling blue and cool. If she didn't find it soon she would die and fall one hundred feet down into the dark shadows below. At this moment falling sounded good to her--coolness rushing by as she twisted and turned on the way down. Darkness enveloping her in death. She was beginning to think there was no darkness here. Just endless day. 

A sound startled her, bringing her gaze upward. A rope hung tantalizingly close but her fingers couldn't quite reach it. 

"Grab it," a voice ordered.

Was it male or female? She couldn't tell. Reaching out again her left foot slipped, causing rocks to careen wildly down the steep slope. Her heart sped up, pressing painfully  against her ribs. "I can't," she called out weakly as she tried to reposition her foot. Moving with great care she placed her left foot in a slight dip in the rockface. She took a deep breath and let it out.

"Come on girl, you can surely manage to reach the rope." The voice was taunting, belittling. 
Adrenaline raced through her as she fought down an angry retort. How dare this person talk to her this way? She was about to fall to her death and whoever stood above her safe and happy didn't have the right...

"Grab the rope you idiot!" 

All at once she realized that the rope hung right in front of her face which she could feel becoming more red than it already was. Her fingers wrapped themselves around the thick coils.

"Tie it around your waist, girl." 

A laugh rang out, was it hers? Balancing precariously on one foot she pulled the rope around her waist, securing it as best she could. Since she didn't know any special knot configurations she hoped it would hold..

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