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Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Wolf Moon

As you can see here I finally decided on a cover for The Wolf Moon. This third choice represents a lot of angst in bringing the story into focus, which includes a good deal of romance and interesting twists relating to reincarnation...can't say more for fear of giving it away...

So the book is finally up on Amazon but not without a lengthy delay that made no sense.  Right now I'm just ecstatic that the book is for sale! Kindle is lagging but should be up soon...At this moment I am trying very hard to think positively, promoting like crazy. I've even scheduled a blog tour--something I didn't do for book 1 or 2. only doing it now because of a writer friend and a blog tour person who made it seem simple. www.aoifemariesheridan.com/
Said tour will start on June 14th lasting a whopping 28 days! I'll be posting about it everywhere. :)

I've done a trailer for The Wolf Moon, which you can view here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiBJJfdzHVg

My own excitement for this book is brimming over and I just hope this energy will be heading out into the universe to stop people in their tracks! (oh my gosh! I just have to go and buy a copy of The Wolf Moon!)

As far as Createspace goes--when I went with my own cover they refunded me oodles of money--something I was not expecting. Next time around I will have it formatted and a cover in place before I submit--(way cheaper) it only took me three books to figure this out. But I have to sing their praises  for putting it up on Amazon and doing the Kindle conversion...

Check here for giveaways--I plan to do them through Kindle and on Goodreads--it will be worth your while!

And so I await my twenty free copies, hoping they arrive BEFORE my husband and I leave for Portland!


  1. So glad you have all three books up now! That's exciting. I'll look for more about your blog tour.
    (The actual cover says wolf moon, not wolf man, right?)

    1. It was corrected...thanks for your support! (almost didn't catch that mistake!)