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Thursday, June 6, 2013

What to do when it's finished?

So what now? Like many of you who have finished a very long drawn out project, I'm finding myself a bit exhausted and somewhat bored. Of course marketing is taking up a lot of my time, what with tweeting every day--I overpaid for my books being listed on the askDavid site and so I had a choice--refund or 90 tweets? I took the latter and I'm glad I did--I would never have tweeted this much! and I'm beginning to understand the fascination! For those who don't know about askDavid it's worth a click.

I've been having problems with my Wordpress website and the person I thought was helping went MIA. And so my niece Megan, who does website design, put me on to a great guy--Dan Fennell, who has nearly gotten things straightened out. His prices are reasonable and he's fast! It seems that my admin access was severely limited so that I couldn't upgrade the site when it needed to be. We're moving it to another hosting site and changing that little problem. As Dan said, even if I don't want to be a web designer I should have complete access to my own website. If any of you need help with Wordpress check him out! ( I can't imagine anybody NOT needing help with Worldpress!)

The sequel is progressing slowly--it keeps heading off in odd directions and I keep trying to tame it. Guess it's better to just give it the reins and let it run and then edit later. Right now I have a ghost, a sorceress, time travel, a magical boat, norse mythology, dwarves, an evil that has yet to be determined but only comes out at night, and an ancient city that was abandoned due to pollution--oh, and a druid who is over 400 years old. So far only one POV, though--a first for me!

So how do you deal with finishing a project? do you jump right into the next one or do you rest and recuperate?


  1. Funny, I usually have a love-hate relationship with technology, but have never had trouble with wordpress. The rare times I needed help, I got it quickly and accurately through the forums. I hear other people complain about it, but I don't know why.
    After I finished my book, I didn't have the urge to write at all. I felt I should get caught up on the rest of my life, which I'd neglected while writing. I've written a couple short pieces, but haven't even done any serious thinking about another novel. Someone told me about Sarah Entrup, who did a webinar on creative cycles. She says it's natural, even better, to go through a cycle of producing/creating, followed by a period of rest/dissolution . . . or something like that. So I guess that's what I'm doing now.
    I think the next book sounds great. I usually like weird stuff, the more the better. I hope you let your imagination run wild. Isn't that what fantasy is for?

    1. thanks for the comment, Rachel...I think you're right--R & R is probably called for--we're leaving on a trip tomorrow in the rv so I'll be doing a lot of that!

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