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Sunday, June 23, 2013

doing yoga in an RV

Veering off in a completely different direction, this post is about traveling in our motor home and the trials and tribulations that accompany this!

As the title mentions, I have been trying to figure out a way to do yoga in a very small space that includes a large man, a standard poodle and a cat...our RV is 24 feet long with one push-out (thank the goddess) that brings the banquet out about two feet. In front of the carpeted floor is an area about two feet wide ( just the size of my yoga mat) that runs the length of the interior. It is definitely enough room if it wasn't for the dog lying in the middle of it, the mess on the table that brings chaos to what should be a tranquil mind and the cat who just has to be around my face when I'm doing downward dog, her tail swishing against me as she walks back and forth under my chin.

Is this a test--figuring out how to cultivate peace in the midst of bedlam? I could go outside but with people walking by it's even harder to concentrate, their curious stares making me uncomfortable as I struggle to balance in tree, or try and grab hold of my toes in forward bend. And so I move the dog, urging him to stay put off the little bit of hard floor and do the very simple poses: triangle, warrior 1 and 2, downward dog, camel, moving quickly from one to the other...but my breathing is ragged and my mind gets distracted by the dirty clothes piling up on the chair in the front (have to get some quarters and do laundry) and the smell of fishy cat food wafting from the trash can in front of me, (need to empty and clean out the trash and find better smelling food)...

I will buy a basket to put all the accumulated junk on the table--I will hide my computer under a pillow-- I will tie the dog outside for the half hour or forty-five minutes it takes me to go through my practice...all it takes is a little organization...I'll keep you posted...:)

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