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Sunday, July 7, 2013

introduction to 'travel' writing

The travel writing I'm referring to is not what you might think. No. This is the art of writing while traveling. My experience with this has been put to the test this past month and I have several things to say about it.

I will start with the RV experience. As I mentioned in my last post I now refer to this small space as the rubic's cube since every time I need to do  something I have to move several things around to get to whatever it is. I now have a box of books, a sack of vitamins, a dirty clothes basket, my computer bag, an extra bag I use for face and hair products, two dvd/cd containers and several other odds and ends stored on the two front seats of the vehicle. And let me say right here that I'm the kind of person who is made crazy by clutter! For a few hours two days ago the RV was clean and organized. Now when I look to the left at the sink and kitchen area,  I see two bags of coffee, a french press, used of course, a dish towel, open bottle of pelegrino, dirty sponge, dirty utensils and two pots left on the stove. On the table around me there is an array of electronic gadgetry and power cords, a dirty dish and two dirty cups, car keys and a bowl filled with all the crap we originally had lying around! (not to mention the man snoring on the seat across from me) And I wonder why I can't focus my mind on the book I'm currently writing!

I have located the closest library branch where I can take my computer and work. I don't know if they have internal wifi or if there is a small space where I will have a desk etc...but I'm going to try this out later today. If it works out it's free!

I need to clean up more often! I know this, but it's hard when all I want to do is get to work! Even writing this blog makes me realize that I should be working on The Temple of the Moon...so much to do, so much to do...

P.S.: My library branch needs to be close to a good coffee shop...

Have you traveled while working on a project and if so, how did you handle it?


  1. Nikki, I like your use of the concrete: "open bottle of pelegrino," "a sack of vitamins," "the man snoring." We're right there crowded into your little writing RV! But, if you write one sentence under such travel conditions, that will be one more than I've ever written on a trip.


    1. today while Jim was off on errands I was able to write 2 chapters in my book--now whether they will stay in the final version who knows! thanks for commenting!!!