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Saturday, August 3, 2013

travel writing continued...

My intention was to do a series of blogs about writing while traveling....but...best intentions and all that...

Things got out of control there for a while with cabin fever, indecision, craziness and stress brought on by visiting etc...my new manuscript has gone in so many directions that I'm not sure what to do. And I haven't written a word in several weeks. Thought I would break the dry spell here and hopefully get the juices flowing again.

My advice for a writer living in a rubic's cube for more than a week--go to a library or coffee shop where you can get away from traveling companions and have a quiet moment--and try to write every day or as close to that as you can, otherwise you are doomed until you get back home! Unless, of course, you are writing blogs about what you're seeing and doing. Unfortunately we stayed in one place for over five weeks and there's only so much that would have been of interest unless I was writing about overeating and drinking too much wine and my daily walks to a field at the end of the road with Buddha. (my dog, not the other one). Our one day of wine-tasting in the Willamette Valley was very enjoyable, especially the trip to Elk Cove winery where they make a wonderful Pinot Blanc, but that isn't my focus here, although maybe it should be. 

Once we headed down route 5 toward California my writing came to a halt. Even my imagination,  which is usually active while looking at the scenery fly by, seemed to go on vacation. From that moment on I barely made a FB post, much less work on my two ongoing projects.

So here I am sitting at my desk but where is my muse? Did she go on vacation too? And if so when will she be back????

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  1. The muse always comes back Nikki. Sometimes the worst for wear :)

    And, as importantly, you come back refreshed - and full of good wine