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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The ambiguity of marketing

Okay--maybe I was a bit hasty in my marketing ploy--Yesterday I spent one very LONG day selling two books. On the other hand I connected with at least two people who I like very much--is the networking worth it? I haven't made up my mind. This next week I'm doing the Celtic Festival and maybe after two days I'll have some answers. One thing I've learned is the power of positive thinking is of paramount importance.

My way of approaching putting myself out there is to say: "don't expect much--if you sell a book or two it will be great." From a pep talk with a friend of mine this is NOT the way to go--she says I have to visualize selling a carload of books, imagining people flocking to where I am to buy them--after all, she says, this is the Celtic Festival, the PERFECT place to sell them. And so I need to begin this process now--a week in advance. But how do I do this? My mind says 'don't expect much' and yet if I don't expect much I won't get much. AARGH! I need to override this not expecting much part of me and truly imagine people buying...how hard could it be? VERY.

I'm shy, my natural inclination not to sell myself. If someone looks at my books I try not to say anything until they ask a question. Am I supposed to talk about the books--build them up so the person will buy?  I have to trust myself on this--NO. I hate it when people grab me by the lapels and try to get me interested in something that I don't want. If a person is interested, I will know, and then I can regale them with all the WONDERFUL elements of my books. Yesterday one of my buyers asked which one was the best--and despite it being a trilogy I told her that the last one was the best--I told her honestly that my writing was better and the story could be read separately since I wove in backstory. She bought the book. When I signed it for her I said "Enjoy and come back for the first two."

Whenever I'm confronted with a pushy salesperson I tend to veer away. And it keeps me from coming back. It reminds me of being chased in Egypt...my husband had to rescue me from the overzealous
salespeople. Selling is never easy. The only thing I have going for me is that I like my books. I worked hard on them and I'm proud of them, and I want others to enjoy them. Will that attitude bring me out of my low expectations? I hope so.

How do you approach this dilemma?

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  1. Nikki, for my sins I'm one of the editors of On Fiction Writing. I promote books in exchange for seven questions being answered. I've found no email address for you in order to contact you, but if you're interested, perhaps you could send it to keytonsatbtinternetdotcom - replacing the relevant words with the &and the period - and I'll send you the questions. If you want to see what you're in for check the second link which will give you the archives. Some famous names there, some less famous - which is what it is all about