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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy New Year!

Samhain has come and gone and we are now into the Celtic New Year! This means breaking free once again to pursue your own truth! And now that Mercury is no longer retrograde our trajectory is FORWARD. 

The New Year, whether you celebrate it on January 1st or November 1st, is a time for new beginnings. We get the chance to start over, to reinvent ourselves. Instead of making pacts that only lead to failure (the diets and exercise programs we all start in the New Year) why don't we think about what it is we want. Can we hold that vision in our mind and allow it to unfold or will we push and prod until it shatters into a million pieces?

I've been searching for unique ways to market my books. I've tried several venues now, sitting for a day in a metaphysical store, my books spread out on the table around me, as well as two days at the Celtic Festival. I sold a couple of books at each one but the main gain was networking, meeting people and talking. Each time I venture into the unknown my expectations are turned on  their collective heads! And I find myself on different paths. It's a slow process, this meandering way, but for me, it's the only way to go. 

Today I've been looking into hootsuite, a tool I have not used and not sure what it's all about. I do market on social media sites, but it isn't my main focus the way it was several months ago. I think if I understood it all better I would be more inclined to go that route. But my lazy mind doesn't want to invest the time for this. 

I'm sure success is different for everyone. For me it isn't about how many sales I've made, it's more about the connection with people who like my books and want more. There's a large community out here in Tucson that
appreciates the unseen, the goddess, and the mystical world that lies all around us. "we must not forget the ancient ways of feminine worship and love," Tara Reynolds says on her blog. These are the readers of my books. I may head off to the farmer's markets in the next weeks before Christmas, hoping for a few sales. It's not expensive to sit at a table for a few hours. It's the other vendors who I've met that pull me, encouraging me to try this, and I like the sense of community. The New Year calls for new solutions to old problems. So instead of going into my stats on Amazon and lamenting, I will work on the three books in process and bring them to the marketplace. To paraphrase Valerie on FB Indie Author group, 'the best marketing tool is to write another book.'

Happy Celtic New Year, everyone!

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