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Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's out! or should I say 'up'?

Gypsy's Quest is now uploaded to kindle--and what an easy process it was after Rik Hall formatted it for me! It was exciting to do this myself instead of waiting for Createspace. The interface with KDP is simple and straightforward. AND, this one had two spelling errors that turned out to be names--and so NO errors!!!! (a minor miracle)

 The other interesting detail is the 'look inside' feature is already activated--something I had to beg for on my last three!

My next hurdle will be sending the formatted POD files to Createspace. (Rik again) In the past CS has formatted these files for me and it's taken a long time from upload to up on amazon. In fact it has been a hair-pulling process that made me want to scream! I will be interested to find out how long it will take and how complicated it will be this time.

All in all I like hiring a formatter--way cheaper and less time-consuming.

Here's the link to my book: Gypsy's Quest  And if you decide to read it I would LOVE a review!

Thank you for reading!

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