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Friday, January 31, 2014

Returning to Paradise!

I've gone through a hair pulling HELL to get my most recent book into IngramSpark. After another day of messing around with them I finally decided to LET IT GO!!!!! I went back to Createspace on my book page for Gypsy's Quest, and easily navigated to the place where I could include expanded distribution. A few buttons and 'save and continue's' later, I have officially chosen them as my expanded distributors.

I do not understand why ANYONE would choose to work with IngramSpark/Lightning Source. I inputted everything they wanted, including pretty much promising them my first born and they still kept me from getting though. Seventeen e-mails later and I ams SO DONE.

With Createspace I have paid nada to get my formatted book onto Amazon, the only cost a measly ten bucks for my personal ISBN. Since I worked with them on my first three, having them format and do covers for the first two, I had no idea how incredible they really were if you sent them your formatted ms and cover design! I would always recommend them. The only problem I've had is that when they printed my cover, the colors seemed a bit on the orange side. After speaking with them about this issue, (they have a 'call me!' feature) I decided it was too picayune to pursue.

And so my book is out, it has expanded distribution now and I am well on my way to figuring out how to market. (Did I really say that?)

More later....

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