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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Trouble in Paradise

I have my proof and it seems a little more orange than I expected, but after perusing my options, I've decided to leave it the way it is. My perfectionism can certainly drive me crazy if I let it!

The main issue now is expanded distribution. I have e-mailed back and forth with IngramSpark for weeks now. The two people I've corresponded with have been helpful to a point...and it's that point I want to discuss.

I decided to do expanded distribution with Lightning Source (IngramSpark) because I've run into trouble with bookstores who have complained that when they order my book they cannot get the proper discount through Ingram. When one does the expanded distribution through Createspace, Ingram won't give the regular discount to the buyers. Apparently this is because Amazon won't return books. Understandable since they are print-on-demand. But from what I've read and understand, Lightning Source does give the proper discount. Now if I could only get my book up on their site!

The latest missive I've had from them is that I have to pay first and give them my tax number. I wouldn't mind doing that if I could figure out where--they have seriously the worst interface I have ever encountered!

And so the e-mails go back and forth with me asking how to do things and them taking two days to answer and on and on...At this point I figure having my books on consignment is easier than dealing with them. I have them on consignment in nine bookstores now. Maybe I should just call it a day. And I have no idea what the costs will be for this service because I can't get into their website to find out! Does anyone publish with them?  I'll tell you, after the delight of working with Createspace, their site is beyond frustrating.

If anyone has any insight on this matter, please let me know. I'm tired of beating my head against the wall.

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