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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Latest marketing strategy:

1. Collect money owed from bookstores and metaphysical stores.
2. Make sure all places have the newest book and more than one copy of all the others.
3. Set up book signings when possible.
4. Contact book stores where I have my books in Portland for my upcoming trip.
5. Decide how heavy I want my suitcase to be. (how many books do I pack?)
6. Place flyers in windows or cork boards of local bookstores.

I've backed off a bit in my online marketing since we've had two sets of company in the last few weeks. When not entertaining I've been working on my next book in the Gypsy series that deals with The Tower Tarot card, (Rider-Waite edition) and another story that takes place in the desert southwest. As I've said before, the best marketing tool is to have as many books in the marketplace as one can!

Anyone looking to get their story made into a TV series or movie, check this out: Nat Mundel
I haven't spoken or read any reports from anyone who has engaged in this process, but to me it looks interesting since I've been thinking about this for several years. The presentation featured in  this link is somewhat repetitive, but I suggest listening all the way to the end since there is a lot of valuable info. to be had.

To the left is a teaser for my newest book:
(acknowledgements to Coyote Kiva)

Can you guess what it's about?

Thanks for reading!! and comments are ALWAYS appreciated!


  1. Your commitment to doing the legwork impresses me.
    Also, I'm excited to read the Gypsy books. The Tower, that's pretty scary.

    1. thanks, Rachel! I don't have kids at home anymore so...I'll be interested to get your reaction to Gypsy's Quest!

  2. Good luck with the marketing, Nikki, but I also want to thank you for the Nat Mundel link. Yup, I have the million dollar script, as they say :)